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Christophe Marin Digital Marketing Consultant

Christophe is a small business owner and 14 year Army veteran who is passionate about helping his small business peers succeed online. As the lead “digital” marketing consultant at Utica’s famous WKTV, he brings 20+ years of off-line and online marketing experience to Central New York clients both small and large. As a business owner and former marketing director for several multi-location corporations, Christophe has been through the school of hard knocks and has managed nearly every facet of marketing and advertising. This lifetime experience allows him to view each business through the eyes of the business owner and/or marketing team and thus provide insight and guidance to potential marketing solutions. A big proponent of “don’t do it unless you can measure it”, Christophe helps to build custom marketing solutions for his clients that can be analyzed and adjusted over time in order to maximize return-on-investment. Contact Christophe’s WKTV digital team for a free digital consultation today.