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Julie Billington

Digital Sales Manager

Julie is a native of Eugene, Oregon, and was indoctrinated into the world of media from a young age. Her dad was a Media Buyer as well as a Professor of Advertising at the University of Oregon, where she also continued her studies in Advertising.

In 2004 Julie began working in television at a local broadcast station and learned the business from the inside out, from Traffic to National Sales to Local Account Executive. In addition to working on the broadcast side, Julie also learned the ins and outs of the agency world, working for ad agencies in the area, and eventually opened her own Agency in 2010, working with clients locally, regionally, and nationally.

In 2019 Julie was excited to start a new journey and return to her roots in TV while focusing on the changing landscape of the digital world. Julie loves using her experience in crafting media strategies to help clients solve problems and create campaigns and plans that are efficient, effective, and get results.

When she’s not working, Julie loves to spend quality time with her husband, Jeff, and her son, Carter. She loves riding horses, gardening, hiking, and spending time with her extended family and friends.