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Billy Krefft Digital Sales Manager

An avid outdoorsman, high school football and baseball coach I find free time away from work precious. There is never enough time in the day so I engage everyone with a high-octane, positive attitude. My background is sales and I’m driven. I started selling shoes and worked in retail starting in High School. I got into the car business in my teens and worked all over the West Coast and the Midwest. Being an airline brat, I have lived in many parts of the country from Seattle to Miami. I got a chance to learn the art of salesmanship from many of the best. It didn’t matter if I was selling myself, service, tires, cars, I’m always closing…even met my wife by selling her a car! I landed in broadcast TV Sept 11, 2001. Not a good day to start selling spot. After 4 years I left for a short time to do a fishing show in Northern Minnesota and worked cable TV before coming back to broadcast where I have been since. I’ve worked a total of 15 years in broadcast TV and am the new Digital Sales Manager for KIMT Rochester/Mason City. I’m happy for the opportunity to work for a company like Heartland and look forward to making big strides for the bottom line!